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Once I decided to transform my golf game from being the occasional, once a year charity event player, to playing more frequently, I was fortunate to connect with golf instructor, Brian Schippel. Brian is incredibly patient and his calm approach had an immediate and significant impact on my game. In addition to learning the mechanics of the game, I started working with Brian's partner, Jentry Barton, who focuses on golf fitness, and the mental aspect of the game! Jentry has been critical in helping me with mobility, rotation, and overall fitness which has had an equally important positive impact to my golf game. Brian and Jentry have had an incredible impact on my golf game and overall health. My confidence on the course has increased tenfold! These two really care about their students which comes out in their approach to coaching! 

Vito Francone

It’s great to work with a team that really understands both the golf swing and the fitness side that can make a golfer reach optimal golf performance. Since working with Jentry, I have been able to not only recover from neck struggles that I thought would not allow me to compete anymore, but now, I can honestly say I am heading to the best I’ve been in fitness. My daughter who caddies for me often and friends can already see the change. Brian has made the golf swing simple to understand and I am looking forward to competing once again at high level amateur golf. It’s exciting to work with such a wealth of information!

Ken Cruz (Senior Tour)

In 2014 I decided to make a concerted effort to develop a more fundamentally sound golf swing . I began playing golf when I was 12 years old and did not have any sound teaching. My swing was homemade. By golfing standards I grew into a better than average player. I’ve carried 3-5 handicap most of my adult life. However, From a fundamental standpoint my golf swings was anything but fundamentally sound.

Fast forward 40 years. In 2014 I decided to make a concerted effort at improving my swing. I love the game and want to play it for a long time. But I was getting worse, a lot worse. So, Like the vast majority of golfers I pursued the help of a teaching professional. I figured one or two lessons and I’d be in my way.  I was immediately introduced to the sound techniques and fundamentals of the golf swing. I’ve seen at least a half dozen teaching pros. However, this “technique” approach had no lasting affect on improving the serious flaws that were ingrained in my golf swing since I was a kid. 

It wasn’t until June 2018 when a friend of mine, after watching some video of my swing, said “Jim your body may not be physically capable of making the changes you’re trying to make. “ Having been a pretty decent athlete my entire life I looked at him in disbelief and asked him “well what does that mean? “ My friend then handed me Jentry‘s business card and said go see this lady. she will be able to help you.

The approach that Jentry and Brian take to improving your golf swing is two parts. The first is the physical or as it’s often referred to - bio mechanical. The second part is to layer in the proper fundamentals aka “technique “. The first thing Jentry said is this. At South County Golf we first look at the golf swing as an athletic move and put you on a path that will develop your body to be able to make a fundamental swing. This resonated with me and made total sense. the initial assessment was a real eye opener for me. She told me we are going to build up your muscles and joints. I’d never heard terms like glute activation or core engagement. I didn’t know what they meant or how important they are in developing a golf swing that lasts. She said that if I put in the work big changes will happen. Ball striking will improve and you’ll play better golf for a long time. She did not say it would be easy.

It’s been almost a year and she was right on all accounts. The proof was a round recently with the friend who handed me Jentry’s card. We hadn’t played together in while. He said, wow, your swing is so much better now.

If you compared my swing from one year ago you’d say the same thing. My glutes are activating and my core is engaged. My golf swing is becoming more efficient every week. I’m beginning to hit it further and the ball striking consistency is a complete 180 from before.

So, if the lessons you’ve taken just aren’t working like you’d want, then remember what my friend told me. Your body may not be able to do what you are trying to do.

South County Golf Academy takes a different approach and it works. After all, no matter what level of player you are, the golf swing is an athletic move.

Jim Barr

My name is Ryan Ruffels. I am 18 years old and currently playing professionally on the PGA and tours. Brian Schippel was my first golf coach. I started playing at around 7 or 8 years old and Brian was key in starting me out in the game. He made lessons fun and enjoyable while still teaching proper technique that would prove to be very valuable for my long term development. In my opinion Brian is one of the best junior coaches in California. His dedication to helping develop young and aspiring golfers, like I was, is unparalleled. Whether it be giving clinics at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, or being the coach of the JSerra High School golf team, he's always working hard to make juniors of all ages enjoy the game of golf, regardless of what they want to do with it in the long term.

Ryan Ruffels (PGA Professional)

“Brian Schippel is a great teacher, period! He always asks questions first before he starts looking at your swing.  He will make little suggestions and is always positive.  I have taken several lessons from him, and he has definitely helped make me a better golfer, and understand my swing. He explains why the ball is doing what it is doing.  He is always positive, and makes you feel comfortable.  He has given lessons to my son several times as well, and I feel he has the best junior golf program in Orange County.  Brian has the ability to work with all ages, and get them to play their best.  I have and will continue to endorse Brian to anyone who is looking to be a better golfer!  Not to mention, he is also the coach for one of the best up and coming high school golf teams in Orange County!”

Brian Grant

Last weekend I was in Palm Springs with my wife and a couple of our friends to play golf.  I played at a course called Escena.  Not a terribly difficult course, somewhat long, but I shot 6 over, 2 over on the back 9.  This is the best round I have ever had!  Thanks to you and your patience in helping me relearn how to swing a golf club.    Without your help, I would have never even come close to this kind of score.  I’m starting to enjoy this game more because I am making better shots and correcting as I go.


Thank you for your help!



After working with Brian for a short period of time, I feel more confident in my game and playing the course. He has taught me basic fixes for when I am struggling to get my swing back, and helped me to understand the fundamentals that make a perfect swing. I will continue to work with Brian until the day I die! 


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